Yazd Poly Ethylene Company was established in the First half of the year 2011 with aiming at saving and economizing natural resources and Promoting Industrial Capabilities and independence and self – sufficiency (Self – sufficiency) in order to produce Poly ethylene pipes with 16 mm to 400 mm Diameter for transferring gas and water. Yazd Poly ethylene company inaugurated the opening (First) phase in the second half of the year 2008 with the production capacity of 4200 tons per year. It is situated in Mehriz industrial town. There are many experts and technicians in this company, it also contains the best automatic machineries.  This industrial company opened its operation and activities in a area of 10.000 square meter with 4000 – meter production salon This also included ware house, administrative Offices, Laboratory with all equipment's and 45 personnel. The quality of production, meeting the
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